Together as a community, our actions make a difference!


Dear Fellow Contra Costa Resident,

Contra Costa County is a great place to live, work and visit -- from the Delta in the east to the Bay in the west, and Mt. Diablo in the center!

As elected officials and community leaders, we care about the well-being of all of Contra Costa County – including how climate change is threatening our economy, natural resources, and the health of our community.

Contra Costa County is dedicated to making our communities cleaner and healthier. The damage to our climate is affecting all of us, so we must all focus on being part of the solution. Each decision we make today, as individuals and as communities, can make a BIG impact! Together, we have the power to keep our communities clean, healthy, and vibrant for current and future generations by choosing to take action!

The Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge makes it easy and fun to take sustainable actions by giving you helpful tips and resources for those actions. The Challenge tracks your savings (both in dollars and emissions) and provides you with opportunities to engage with your neighbors and learn more about our community.

Log in and sign up today! Join your neighbors in a bit of friendly competition to lower our emissions, while all playing for the same team! When we reduce our impact by conserving resources, cutting energy costs, decreasing our use of dirty fuels, and investing in local opportunities, everybody benefits!


Sean Wright, Mayor, City of Antioch

Cindy Silva, Mayor, City of Walnut Creek

Rich Kinney, Mayor, City of San Pablo

John Gioia, Chair, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors (District I)

Candace Andersen, Supervisor, Contra Costa County (District II)

Diane Burgis, Supervisor, Contra Costa County (District III)

Karen Mitchoff, Supervisor, Contra Costa County (District IV)

Federal Glover, Supervisor, Contra Costa County (District V)

Tina Neuhausel, President, Sustainable Contra Costa